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Free silent business audit and forensic analysis

July 28, 2009

Last week we announced an exciting new offer for all businesses in the US – a free silent business audit with forensic analysis. This service will help network administrators understand how well their current security products are working, improving network security and employee productivity.

The silent business audit and forensic analysis will accomplish this by sitting behind an organization’s normal firewall and monitoring spam, malware and Internet usage trends to determine what is getting by the firewall and spam filters. At the end of the 14 day audit period Astaro will provide the organization with a report detailing what malware passed through the firewall. As an added bonus, the appliance will also block the transfer of any malware and spyware that makes it passed the normal web filter to avoid the spread of infections.
To register for a silent business audit and forensic analysis click here.


Astaro Receives VMware Ready Certifications

July 14, 2009

Astaro earned multiple VMware Ready™ certifications for its security products.  Astaro Security Gateway, Astaro Mail Gateway and Astaro Web Gateway have all been certified as VMware Ready, and Astaro is the only Unified Threat Management provider to have submitted to and passed VMware Ready validation.

For more information, check out the press release here.

Ideas are for sharing

June 15, 2009

We are rolling out a new service for our partners and customers – an improved feature request site. On this new site our partners and customers can make suggestions for improvements or request totally new functionality. Not only can visitors make their own suggestions – they can vote on the suggestions of others, giving us a better understanding of the popularity or urgency of specific network security needs. We will be using the insight gained from this site to plan future product updates and releases. We’ve always taken the suggestions of our partners and customers into account when planning future enhancements to our products – we know they have the best insight into what they need for web security but this new site gives them formal channel for making suggestions. I’m excited to read the suggestions we receive and I look forward to learning more about what our customers and partners want.

Virtual Appliances enable partners to offer security solutions in a SaaS environment

May 20, 2009

On Monday we announced the availability of the Astaro Web Gateway and Astaro Mail Gateway point solutions as virtual appliances. We offers these point solutions as virtual appliances to help organizations take advantage of the costs savings this deployment method offers.

The virtual appliances offer partners an additional benefit – the virtual appliances enable our partners to offer their customers the Astaro Web Gateway and Astaro Mail Gateway in a Software as a Service environment rather than as a hosted solution. Partners simply deploy the products as virtual appliances on their own hardware and then deploy a clone of the virtual machine for each customer, providing them with the e-mail and web security they require.

Organizations are continuing to look for ways to reduce costs and “being able to offer a SaaS deployment of an award winning security product is a huge competitive advantage,” said Astaro partner John Boudreau, vice president, Micros Northeast.

For more information on the Astaro Web Gateway virtual appliance offering visit:

 For more information on the Astaro Mail Gateway virtual appliance offering visit: